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New Year's Eve Insider: Where to Watch Fireworks in Waikiki

The fireworks in Waikiki Beach are among the most brilliant displays in the Pacific, and because of Hawaii's location, Waikiki is the last location in the world to light up the night sky. The extravagant Waikiki Beach fireworks begin with one colorful, fiery burst launched each minute from a barge in the water fronting Waikiki Beach at Canoe's surf break, beginning at 11:55 pm—then the real show begins promptly at midnight.

With so many viewing locations to choose from, the hardest part is pick

Flying Out of Pittsburgh Airport for a Winter Getaway

Are you looking to escape the dreary winter gray of the city? Do you crave sunny days and warm weather? Maybe a traditional European holiday with all the fixings is more your style. Wherever you’re going, the first stop on your way out of town is the Pittsburgh airport. But where do you go from there? Whether you’re into bright city lights, a Euro holiday or sand, sea and sunshine, you can reach some of the world’s most magnificent destinations in no time with Pittsburgh airport nonstop flights.

7 Ways to Make Your Plane Ride More Comfortable

Air travel is the fastest way to get from one destination to another, and it’s one of the most convenient modes of travel today. But plane rides can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially on longer flights. Everyone wants to feel comfortable during a plane ride, and there are some simple ways to make flying easier. Here are seven ways to make your next flight more comfortable.

How to Make Your Plane Ride More Comfortable

Flying is a convenient, fast way to travel, and modern airplanes provide

Your Guide To JFK Airport | One Stop Parking

Navigating an airport that you’re not familiar with can be a challenge, especially if it’s a big one and you have to make a connection during a short layover. Luckily, airports are designed to be navigated quickly and efficiently, and here’s a quick, handy guide to fill you in on all you need to know about John F. Kennedy International Airport serving New York City.

Now, here’s the most important thing to know if you’re trying to make a flight. How many terminals does JFK have, and how do you g

Maui Brewing Goes Off-the-Grid

Growing up in microbrewing pioneer cities San Diego and San Francisco’s Bay Area gave Garrett Marrero a love of craft beer. Hawaii became his second love sometime during his mid-20s, after visiting the islands, especially Maui. He went back three times and struggled to find locally-made beer in the Hawaiian Islands.

A year or so later, Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley decided to move to Hawaii and start a craft brewery. In 2005, the pair co-founded Maui Brewing Company (MBC) with a flagship lo

Vail - Marijuana Travel Guide

In Colorado, there’s a popular saying: “You come for the winter but stay for the summer.” Well, summer in Vail brings beautiful weather and an endless array of entertainment options, from outdoor adventure to cultural festivals. Just under two hours directly west of Denver, the small town of Vail is nestled at the foot of massive Vail Mountain. Summertime visitors enjoy hiking, golfing, and cultural festivals, along with breathtaking views offered by the majestic surroundings.

Aspen - Marijuana Travel Guide

Aspen lives up to its high-end reputation with plenty of shopping, restaurants, hotels and spas to enjoy. Add in incredible summer and winter activities, and it’s no wonder that it’s known as one of Colorado’s favorite year-round vacation spots. Whether you’re hiking the Maroon Bells, skiing one of Aspen’s four ski resorts, or checking out the cosmopolitan nightlife, this active mountain town not only caters to the rich and famous, but anyone who’s ready for a wild adventure or just a plain old good time. As the locals say, “If you can’t find it in Aspen, you don’t need it!”

Durban - What to Pack - Clothing and Supplies Tips

Durban is famed for its mild, sunny winter climate and year-round ‘fun-in-the-water’ weather. Temperatures range from 16°C to 25°C during the winter months of June, July and August, while summer temperatures can reach 32°C with relatively high humidity during the hot season.

Luggage with wheels is always a good idea, wherever you are traveling. Bring a small backpack for exploring the city and surroundings. Within the shopping centers of Durban, you will find plenty of opportunity to purchase m

Gouves, Crete Island - Insider Tips

Gouves is situated on the north coast of Crete Island and to the east of Heraklion. This municipality spreads a few kilometers inland from lovely beaches to fertile fields and picturesque villages that cling to the hillsides.

Kato Gouves is large beach resort with various hotels and apartments. The restaurants and bars are all centered around the main road of Gouves, which does not appear very Greek. This is a typical tourist resort.

Ano Gouves is a beautiful little village situated above Kato

Things To Do in Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena is a bustling port city in southeast Spain that was founded around 220 BC by Carthaginians. Cartagena boasts a rich history, gorgeous scenery and many ancient ruins.

Situated on a hill facing the city, Castillo de los Morosstands is a reasonably well-preserved eighteenth century castle built in a French-influenced neoclassical style. The History Interpretation Center located within the castle is designed to help visitors understand the history of Cartagena. A well-tended garden covers