Client and Colleague Recommendations

Lisabeth is an excellent copywriter and team player. She worked with our company on numerous projects for us and our clients across various topics, industries, and geo-locations. Her work is accurate, researched, properly formatted, and written with an understanding of SEO. It's rare to find freelance writers that can check all of those boxes as well as make deadlines, communicate, and respond to feedback.

She was an asset to our organization and I'd highly recommend her for future projects and clients!

Mitch Pfeifer, Cannabis and Music Marketing

Lisabeth is a passionate and educated writer. She approaches research and writing from a unique perspective of a well-traveled individual informed by a wide and varied slew of life experiences. Her interest in a broad array of topics and approaches defines her research and subsequent writing, and her commitment to producing thought-provoking and highly readable prose stand her in good stead.

In addition to a strong, creative command of the written word as a writer, Lisabeth also possesses an eye for the grammar, punctuation and usage that make her a good editor too.

Coreen Walker, Sit Investment Associates

Lisabeth is one of the world’s truly great change makers through her research and eloquent ability to express her research in a practiced lens of education and the communicator. Her voice speaks of passion to the subject she examines and dedication to the causes she uncovers.

Kristy Ryan, Non-Profit Manager