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Lisabeth is a passionate and educated writer. She approaches research and writing from a unique perspective of a well-traveled individual informed by a wide and varied slew of life experiences. Her interest in a broad array of topics and approaches defines her research and subsequent writing, and her commitment to producing thought-provoking and highly readable prose stand her in good stead. In addition to a strong, creative command of the written word as a writer, Lisabeth also possesses an eye for the grammar, punctuation and usage that make her a good editor too.

Coreen Walker -- Fixed Income Assistant at Sit Investment Associates

Lisabeth is one of the world’s truly great change makers through her research and eloquent ability to express her research in a practiced lense of education and the communicator. Her voice speaks of passion to the subject she examines and dedication to the causes she uncovers.

Kristy Ryan -- Researcher, Speaker, Six Sigma Leader, Women on a Mission

Lisabeth is a natural writing talent with a strong acumen for science and research. For my projects, this skill-set combined to produce crystal-clear, accurate nutrition & health writing -- highly credible content, yet easy for anyone to understand. She's also good at finding those hidden nuggets of golden info that make a piece sparkle and shine. The bonus: Lisabeth's writing voice has a calm, soothing conversational feel to it that creates an enjoyable reading experience.

P.J.S. Dougherty, the Natural Health Writer

Lisabeth is an excellent researcher and writer. She is also a gifted musician. One of the things that has always impressed me the most is her desire to add to a growing field of knowledge on the importance of sound and music on human development and health. Lisabeth knows that what she has to offer will help people in all walks of life to improve their quality of life. There is a level of generosity regarding sharing what she knows inherently and what can now be backed by science.

Ellen Greenblum MFA, Prescott College Chair of Humanities

I found working with Ms. Fauble to be stimulating intellectually and an absolute pleasure personally. In terms of her interpersonal skills – both written and aural – she possesses the ability to communicate clearly and respectfully but with great curious intention.

Laura A. Ball -- Graduate Mentor Advisor, Prescott College MFA-IA Goddard College

Lisabeth pays attention to the faceted nature of connection and diligently pursues excellence. She is certain to excel in her field as a writer and researcher.

Ellen Tichich -- MFA, MSN, RN-BC Clinical Nurse Educator; Writer - Healthcare Marketing Network

Awesome job. Very interesting. I'd love to work with you more in the future if you'd be up for it!

This is great! Thanks so much. Adding a bonus for you.

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