How to Make Braids Look Like Dreads

Dreadlocks have been a popular hairstyle since the beginning of known human history. Cavemen wore them and dreadlocks were common in ancient Egypt, Asia, India and Nazareth. Bible characters Samson and John the Baptist wore dreads, as did Celtic and African warriors. Rulers of great empires even wore them, including King Tut who wears them in his mummified form to this day. Real dreadlocks take some time to fashion and can be difficult to remove. If you have ever wanted to wear dreads or wonder

El significado de la flor peonía

El significado de la flor peonía La peonía es una flor vibrante, fragante, resistente y con una larga historia. La planta peonía está relacionada con la antigua mitología griega y cuenta con otras asociaciones significativas. Es muy apreciada por su belleza, fragancia, tolerancia y longevidad. Hoy en día, la peonía es una inclusión popular en los jardines de todo el mundo. La peonía es originaria de Asia, América del Norte y el Sur de Europa. Las peonías fueron cultivadas en China desde hace m

How to Know What Key You Are Playing When Using a Capo on a Guitar

Using a capo is a common way to change keys without learning new fingering or re-tuning the entire guitar. Some keys are more difficult to play in with a regular guitar tuning. The capo makes playing intricate songs in odd keys simpler by allowing you to use familiar fingering. You can also use a capo to alter the key of a song to better suit your vocal range. Tune the guitar. Use an electronic tuner to set the pitches to an E A D G B E pitch progression, starting from the first string, which i

Nootropics for Musicians - Learn, Create and Perform Music Better with Brain Boosters

Recent scientific studies have found that music is closely linked to mind-body mechanisms, cognition, learning, communication, and emotion. This modern research only reinforces that music can improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being.[1] But how can we enhance our ability to learn, play and perform musical instruments, all of which place heavy cognitive demands on the brain? Brain-boosting nootropics for musicians may help.

Marijuana in the NFL

While highly addictive and dangerous narcotic and opiate drugs are regularly prescribed to athletes to control pain, sports organizations have blocked players from using cannabis to ease symptoms of major injuries like fractures, torn ligaments, broken bones, and brain trauma. But, in the words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin’.” As marijuana gains credibility as an effective and safe medical intervention, sports teams’ policies on players’ marijuana use can be expected to follow suit and become less stringent in the future.

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor - Tips for Visiting

The USS Arizona Memorial stands above the waters of Pearl Harbor as an enduring tribute to the servicemen who lost their lives aboard the battleship in the Japanese surprise attack on December 7, 1941. The USS Arizona Memorial is one of the most visited destinations in Hawaii and a definite must-see during your vacation to Oahu and Pearl Harbor. It’s also recently voted the #5 Landmark in the United States by TripAdvisor, so it should absolutely be on your must-see list. Check out our helpful

Cairo Belly Dance and Other Nightlife

When in Cairo, a belly dancing show is something that cannot be missed. In some restaurants, belly dancers are something that comes with the menu as part of a regular show for tourists. Usually, this type of belly dancing is not in the same class as truly authentic belly dancing show. There are three famous belly dancers in Egypt – Dina, Fifi Abdu and Lucy. They only perform at 5 star hotels, either the Nile Hilton, Cairo Sheriton or Ramses Hilton. Schedules can change, so check with the hotel
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