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Punch Edibles Introduces 5 New Flavors Of Malt Balls And Cookie Delights

California-based Punch Edibles launched its first chocolate bar in 2013. Designed as a tasty alternative to high-calorie edibles, Punch Edibles created its original low-calorie, high potency chocolate line specifically for health-minded individuals in the wellness and fitness communities.

Most edible brands cater to the novice user, but Punch Edibles provides an alternative for the “true consumer.” Punch offered options for patients seeking higher THC content without smoking. A product for thos

Skywalker OG Strain Review Featuring Atomic9 and The Cure Company

Skywalker OG is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush, a progeny of Chemdawg and Lemon Thai. With such an impressive lineage, Skywalker OG rivals some of the best strains available today. In this Skywalker OG strain review, we check out The Cure Company‘s version of this potent strain.

The Cure Company operates a two-story cultivation facility and dispensary located in the Arts District of Downtown L.A. The company uses the eight on-site grow rooms to cultivate “insanely high quality” cannabis

The GMO Strain Review Featuring Glass House Farms in California

Glass House Farms GMO flower is a heavy hitting indica strain created by crossing Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies. Sara Gibson produces this brilliant GMO. She considers consistency to be the key to quality, so this cultivar should be on point.

GMO stands for Garlic, Mushroom, Onion, an aptly descriptive acronym for this powerful strain’s aroma and taste. Those are all tasty ingredients on a pizza. (And the information card half-jokingly recommends pairing this GMO with pizza and a pillow.)


Vail - Marijuana Travel Guide

In Colorado, there’s a popular saying: “You come for the winter but stay for the summer.” Well, summer in Vail brings beautiful weather and an endless array of entertainment options, from outdoor adventure to cultural festivals. Just under two hours directly west of Denver, the small town of Vail is nestled at the foot of massive Vail Mountain. Summertime visitors enjoy hiking, golfing, and cultural festivals, along with breathtaking views offered by the majestic surroundings.

Aspen - Marijuana Travel Guide

Aspen lives up to its high-end reputation with plenty of shopping, restaurants, hotels and spas to enjoy. Add in incredible summer and winter activities, and it’s no wonder that it’s known as one of Colorado’s favorite year-round vacation spots. Whether you’re hiking the Maroon Bells, skiing one of Aspen’s four ski resorts, or checking out the cosmopolitan nightlife, this active mountain town not only caters to the rich and famous, but anyone who’s ready for a wild adventure or just a plain old good time. As the locals say, “If you can’t find it in Aspen, you don’t need it!”

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