How to Fill out a Self Performance Review

Some companies use self-evaluations during the annual review period. In these situations, employees rate their own performances and write reviews for their managers. Writing a performance self-evaluation can be stressful, but learning how to do it well and making notes throughout the year can improve your job security. Keep a notebook in which you have a list that you update during the year with work highlights so you can refer to it at review time.

Geographical Factors Affecting Food Habits

While irrigation, land development and other modern cultivation techniques are used to enhance existing geographical factors, local food habits are still largely influenced by regional resources. Our ancestors cultivated their crops according to local, natural resources, which greatly affected their eating habits. We tend to carry on the traditions that were passed down through generations, and that tradition, along with growing awareness of the fragility and importance of our natural environment, continues to influence food habits around the world.

How to Replace the Roof on a Travel Trailer

Many travel trailers will develop leaks and sagging from excessive water damage to the roof. This can lead to the development of several other problems within the structure such as rotting floors, water damage inside walls and electrical shorts. Having the roof replaced by a professional can be expensive. Replacing the roof yourself is a fairly simple process that is well worth the time and money. With a few helpful tips and some basic tools, you can replace your travel trailer's damaged roof without busting your budget.

Alpha Lipoic Acid as a Nootropic

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a fatty acid molecule with antioxidant activity and roles in cellular function. As a nootropic, ALA is used to promote brain health and boost cellular energy, and may work to:

Lipoic acid, better known as alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant fatty acid molecule found in every cell of the human body.  ALA helps the function of enzymes present in the mitochondria—the structures which generate much of a cell’s energy. Moreover, ALA is known for being a powerful, “un